Programming of SAVI Annual Workshop 2013

Programming of SAVI Workshop 2013 is available online.

Student Posters/Demonstrations for SAVI Testbed & AGM Workshop July 4-5, 2013 areĀ available online.

The SAVI Testbed Workshop is held at the University of Toronto on Thursday July 4, 2013 from 9am to 5pm. The workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to the SAVI testbed tools and services for experimenting with virtualized converged network and cloud computing infrastructures, services and applications.

The 2013 SAVI Testbed Workshop Hands-on Tutorial is available HERE.

The SAVI Annual General Meeting will take place at the University of Toronto on Friday July 5, 2013 from 8:30am to 3:30pm. The AGM will feature presentations from SAVI researchers and guest speakers, poster session presentations from SAVI researchers and students, and demonstrations of the SAVI testbed network and applications.

For registration and hotel reservation information please contact Vladi Cirillo, SAVI Network Manager (, 416-946-3881).

SAVI Testbed Workshop

AGM Posters & Demos

We will demonstrate Phase 1 of the SAVI Testbed Network, with nodes in Toronto, Waterloo, and York interconnected by ORION.

The Workshop will provide a hands-on introduction to:

  • JANUS, SAVI’s control and management software that leverages OpenStack and OpenFlow to provide converged network and cloud resources.

  • PAAS tools for configuring and deploying SAVI resources.

  • Improvements in NetThreads to program NetFPGA2 resources in the SAVI testbed.

Posters and Demos will feature:

  • App1
  • App2
  • Extended cc
  • Storage
  • VDC
  • Wireless/Optical Integrations

Posters and Demos will feature:

  • App3
  • Extended cc
  • CCN
  • Wireless Open API

SAVI AGM Speakers

Dr. Dongmyun Lee, Executive VP, Korea Telecom Infrastructure Research Lab, will present the challenges posed by the data explosion triggered by smart mobile devices and discuss the key management issues and directions for network operators to sustain in the smart network business environment.

Dr. Chip Elliot, GENI Principal Investigator, will discuss the development and deployment of experimental testbeds globally.

Professor Tho LeNgoc, McGill University, will discuss approaches to virtualization of spectrum and wireless networks and present initial results from his SAVI research.

Professor Alberto Leon-Garcia, SAVI Scientific Director, and David Mann, SAVI Scientific Advisor, will discuss research challenges and possible directions for the SAVI network to exploit its testbed. The discussion will include extending the testbed to the SAVI industry partners.