SAVI Internship Program

The SAVI Network has an internship program to stimulate interaction between SAVI universities and partners. The SAVI internship program has three main goals:

  1. To foster the development of graduates with a broad understanding of the technical and socio-economic aspects of their research and hence a practical appreciation of the factors that determine the success or failure of a promising technology;
  2. To promote interaction with and exposure to SAVI industry and government partners;
  3. To expand the scope of the SAVI Strategic Network through partner-defined projects that are jointly funded by industry partners and the MITACS program.

SAVI internships are available through the MITACS Accelerate program. These interns will work on a project pertaining to the SAVI research program but defined by an industry partner. The project can address specific technical issues that are of interest to the partner, or may address a non-technical aspect of a SAVI technology, e.g., business models, marketing strategies or social implications of a technology.

Currently registered full-time graduate students who are interested in SAVI internship positions are requested to apply by submitting their application on-line via the “SAVI Interns Web System” recruitment site at

For more information about the SAVI internships, contact:
Vladimiro Cirillo, Network Manager

For information about the MITACS Accelerate program: